This is a “love it or hate it” sort of thing.

It might be time for Japanese tuning house Wald International to stop putting its hands on Rolls-Royce cars for a while. Three years ago, Wald International worked on a Rolls-Royce Ghost, giving it some “bling,” in our words.

Is The The Most Bizarre Rolls-Royce Wraith You've Ever Seen?

The polarizing thing about Wald modifications is that they seldom include performance upgrades. Instead, this tuning house often takes what many regard as standard-bearers of automotive aesthetic perfection and tweak too much with it. Others see Wald’s cars as exotic head-turners.

It’s hard to imagine that someone would ever want to spend extra to make a Wraith or Ghost look like this, but to each their own. Taking a car that is already made with world-renown build quality and making aesthetic alterations from there is risky business.


Wald International’s newest “tuned” Wraith project gives the car a different front fascia, a new bumper, a new diffuser, modded exhaust tips, and 22” Illima wheels. This unique car is called the “Rolls-Royce Wraith Sports Line Black Bison Edition,” which bears similar nomenclature to the 2012 “Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Bison Edition.”

Is The The Most Bizarre Rolls-Royce Wraith You've Ever Seen?

The tuning house has also been responsible for some creative and appealing aesthetic mods to high-end cars before. By: Carbuzz