We’re in a bit of a Sant’Agata Bolognese dilemma and we may need a bit of help to sort it all out. We’ve just come across the Lamborghini Huracan image above and were wondering what the Italian exotic is wearing.

Is This Lamborghini Huracan Wearing Mascara or Eye Liner?

A part of our editors called this mascara while the feminine side of our office begged to differ. They told us this was not mascara, but eye liner.

Actually, the choice is a bit more difficult than it might seem. We might be men, but we know one from the other. However, since this is a car we’re talking about, we’re not quite sure if the black detailing covers the eye lashes or the eyes.

Either way, this is one of the oddest Huracans we’ve seen to date. Sure, the owner didn’t turn to a complex makeover, as it was the case with the Stormtrooper Huracan, but the effect is still strong.

Truth be told, we’re not exactly digging the Kiss rock star look. However, we do appreciate the little-change-big-difference effect mentioned above.

Not since the Cala concept that somehow previewed the Gallardo have we seen such soft styling cues on a Raging Bull. Yes, the Huracan is one of the mildest-looking Lambos we know and perhaps the owner simply wanted to pull a bit of a weird bad boy move here. By: autoevolution