We like to think we’re pretty relaxed here at BOTB News. We’re quite accepting of most things in the automotive world, from tiny city cars to 1200 bhp hypercars to weird and wonderful tuner creations. But today we stumbled across something that actually made us want to throw the laptop through a window and go and live on a desert island – the 813 Customs Camaro ZL1 Convertible.


There are so many things wrong with this car that it’s hard to know where to start, but we’re going to try. Let’s go with the most obvious one first – the colour scheme.

Not content with a blindingly bling gold wrap, the boys at 813 decided that they would spray all the accompanying body parts like the front splitter, bonnet centre and extra trim in an emerald green. Nice. But of course we couldn’t go any further without mentioning the most shocking part…


The wheels. We know that in the US, and Florida in particular, the tuning scene is fond of fitting large wheels to their creations. But this Camaro takes it to the extremes, wearing matching gold Forgiato disc wheels measuring a gargantuan 30 inches. Yes, you read that right – thirty inch alloy wheels.


It’s a good job the Camaro is powered by a great big supercharged V8 otherwise we doubt it’d even move. Of course, once you’ve climbed into the car 813 wouldn’t want you to feel like you’re in just any Camaro, so green leather and alcantara adorn every surface, including quilted seats for that ‘almost-a-Bentley-but-not-quite’ look. And who doesn’t want everyone driving behind to be able to watch a movie? They’re catered for here with three 21” screens that pop up from the rear seats, and they won’t be straining to hear the soundtrack either thanks to the massive subs in the rear along with 6 massive speakers in each door and two in the dash.

If you’ve been reading this and think it’s actually a nice looking car, firstly go and seek medical help. But if you still want it, it’s actually for sale. Expect to see it feature in a rap video very soon…

Images courtesy of 813 Customs and botb