A leaked image showing a very impressive sports car with Aston Martin badges on it, is probably our first look on the new DB11.

Is This The New Aston Martin DB11?

The DB11 will be the first new Aston to use the twin-turbo 5.2-litre V12 engine which allegedly makes near-600hp. Our info tells us that the new engine is developed solely from the British sports car maker, with AMG providing a biturbo V8 engine with less power.

The successor of the DB9 is going to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and it is believed that they were shooting a promo video on a closed track when someone took a snap of it.

The image surfaced on autojunk.nl and looks like the real deal. The new model is the first based on a new architecture, with Aston Martin using some help from AMG in the construction of the car.

But the best rumor we’ve heard so far is that Aston Martin plans to offer the new DB11 with a manual gearbox, along with an eight-speed automatic. We have to wait and see it with our own eyes to believe this.

What do you think of it?

By: Carscoops