As far as super car hotspots go, Newport Beach is one of the classiest – and some may say snobbiest – places on earth. But even there you will see super cars which lack a great deal in the “taste” department. This two-tone Porsche 918 Spyder definitely qualifies as one of those.

Is This the Worst Livery for a Porsche 918?

This car started out as a black Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach which is a fantastically cool car. The owner has then, evidently, swapped the standard wheels for a set of simpler, more elegant five-spoke rims. There is nothing wrong with that, either. If anything, these wheels look a lot better than the 918’s stock units.

When things started to go wrong a bit was when they decided to make this 918 “unique” by applying bright green accents all over it. They’ve used the brash color on the sills, the quarter panels, roll bars, rear spoiler, and headlight bezels, not to mention the outer lips of the rims as well as the brake calipers.

Is This the Worst Livery for a Porsche 918-2

Of course, colors and liveries are a matter of personal preference, and what they have pulled off here does indeed make this Porsche 91 stand out. But is it cool? We’re not so sure. By: motorward