No machine guns were required. Only 10 examples were built specifically for the upcoming James Bond flick, “Spectre.” The Aston Martin DB10 was never meant to be a mass production model and nor will it become one.

New Aston Martin DB10

New Aston Martin DB10-2  New Aston Martin DB10-Interior

Just one example will be auctioned off for charity. While we’ll have to wait until November to see all of the car’s cool gadgets and abilities, what’s clear right now is that Agent 007 prefers to row his own gears. That’s right, the DB10 sends its V8 power to its rear wheels via a six-speed manual instead of a slushbox.Hell. Yeah.

A select few recently got the chance to see the DB10 in person. Not everyone got to drive it, but we hear new Top Gear host Chris Evans was selected to do so. Our friends at XCAR did manage to film this awesome video, where you can see that short-throw shifter for yourself. By: carbuzz