Submitted by Jorge Anaguano Quijia, this concept car is dedicated for Gran Turismo video game.


This is my project JAQ Gran Turismo. This car has high aerodynamic and is powered with CAtC system (collection of air to compress). CAtC is a system to collect the air flowing through the body of the car (that’s the reason because it’s very aerodynamic) in a high pressure compressor.

jaq-gran-turismo-by-jorge-anaguano-quijia2 jaq-gran-turismo-by-jorge-anaguano-quijia1
Subsequently, the compressor blows compressed air with great force and it will move turbines located in back tires of the car and the motion is produced. Also, turbines generate electricity that charges the battery of an electric motor that complements back driving force.


Additionally has a small internal combustion engine rotary that complement the necessary power in front tires. Regarding the work, it was done based on some sketches made by hand and then 3dsMax modeling and rendering with Luxion KeyShot.

I used some marks that they belong to their respective owners. I have also taken some scenery of Gran Turismo.
Designer : Jorge Anaguano Quijia | tuvie