For those who considered Jeep’s Patriot and its unfortunate-looking twin the Compass, to be a bit stale – well we have some great news!

Jeep’s 2017 Compass & Patriot Crossover Replacement

The axe is finally coming down for these two mediocre offerings and their sole replacement is shaping up rather nicely. So, how about we take an exclusive illustrated first look, based on spy images of Jeep’s upcoming all-new compact SUV?

Handsome Trailhawk Design:

Styling is a mixture of Grand Cherokee elements; embodying more of a conservative aesthetic, as opposed to the radical Renegade and Cherokee models. Sleek LED headlights flank a decidedly conventional Jeep grille. Interestingly, the design is similar to the Renegade around the C-pillars; with a shut-line continuing from the upper rear doors and into the tailgate. Sheet-metal surfacing is typically muscular and athletic – certainly in keeping with the brand’s off-road values.

Renegade Underpinnings & Powertrain:

The Patriot and Compass successor will ride on the FCA’s enlarged Small-Wide 4×4 platform shared with the smaller Renegade. It’ll also utilize the Renegade’s nine speed auto, mated to a fuel-efficient 2.0-litre four-cylinder, incorporating direct injection and turbocharging. A six-speed manual, is also said to be a possibility (yes, insert applause here).

Pesky Compact SUV Rivals:

Jeep’s upcoming offering is positioned between the smaller Renegade and larger Cherokee, essentially carving a niche. Still, it will likely go into battle against lower priced versions of popular compact-sized opponents like Hyundai’s Tucson, Mazda CX5, Honda CRV, Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue/Qashqai, and Kia Sportage (plus many others in this crowded segment). An on-sale date is rumored to be later next year, with a production debut likely to emerge at the 2016 Detroit Auto show.

Final Thoughts:

What isn’t known is if the Compass or Patriot name will be retained; considering how sub-par these current versions are, perhaps it’s time for an all-new nameplate to take the battle right up to the segment leaders? Share your views in the discussion area below.

By Josh Byrnes | By: Carscoops