If there were two vehicles at the 2015 Shanghai auto show that epitomized the kitsch culture powering China’s automotive design, these were the two concepts presented by local automaker Jianling.


Called Yusheng S330 and Yuhu concepts, they are over the top but without being innovative. Please, don’t get us wrong, that was not a compliment, or it may have been, but only if good taste is completely ignored as a means to gauge design – if so, both are stunningly pretty…

Jianling’s -3
The first of the two (in the order posted in the gallery below) is the Yusheng S330 and it’s actually the more civilized of the two. I say it’s kitsch because it’s design for design’s sake taken to ridiculous and unnecessary heights – what’s with that tiny rear window; who thought that was a good idea?
Jianling’s -2
The Yuhu pickup is even more futuristic-looking. It is a bit gaudy, being a perfect embodiment of the “crashed into a…” cliché, but it could successfully be used in a high budget movie and viewers would be none the wiser as to its origin. By: CarsCoops