Renowned Skier Jonn Olsson is a huge car nut and a big fan of the Gumball rally. So much so that for this year’s event he decided to make a bespoke Gumball machine. It’s called the Rebellion R2k, and it’s built by a former Koenigsegg engineer. Rebellion-R2k-2


The car is based on the Ultima GTR sports car, but its details are kept secret for the time being. All we know is that among all the exotics at the Gumball 3000, this thing is the most serious-looking machine.


The Rebellion has the specs of a Le Mans racer, but they have managed to keep it street legal. It has a very lightweight construction and a V8 engine, hence all the aerodynamic bits and bobs. They are there to keep the R2k on the ground at high speed. By: motorward