Fully tuned into the Christmas spirit and the wintry, snowy weather that is an inevitable part of it, designer Rains Prisk decided to come up with the ultimate, imaginary, car for ski trips. The outcome of his meditations is this superb McLaren 650S ski machine.

Just for Fun: McLaren 650S Ski Car!

Prisk has based his McLaren 650S ski car on a GT3 racing version for a number of good reasons. First, the GT3 looks a lot cooler and sexier than the normal 650S. What’s more, the racing car comes with a massive front air splitter which could double as a great blade for plowing snow and making way for the car where there isn’t any.

Granted, there are some issues with the ground clearance and slick tires on snow and ice – not to mention the rear-wheel-drive system – but on the upside the rear spoiler provides a fantastic place to secure a ski box. So there is method to this madness after all!

As for who would be interested in a McLaren 650S ski car, the first name that comes to mind is professional skier and hard-core petrolhead Jon Olsson. He has already turned many a supercars into snowplows, so why not a McLaren, especially now that he no longer has his magnificent Audi RS6 DTM (he sold that car and it was subsequently torched by car thieves). By: motorward