When it comes to the biggest touring bikes, speaking of right or wrong is a rather risky thing, even though we are comparing Harleys and Beemers, Beemers and Hondas and so on. To play on the safe side, speaking of personal preferences instead of things done the wrong way sounds like a much wiser choice.

Honda truly changed the segment with their completely evil F6B, offering a Gold Wing machine in a bagger guise, and delivering a most interesting alternative to Victory and Harley-Davidson bikes. BMW was sort of left out of this game, but strictly because they preferred to channel their efforts in a different direction… until now.

The K1600GTL Bagger, one of Nicoals Petit’s latest creations seems to bridge the gap. This machine follows the recipe Honda used when they chopped the trunk off their flagship Gold Wing, lowering the stance of the bike, adding ample sidecases and giving birth to a whole new machine.
For some reason, the F6B looks a bit more nimble than the K1600GTL Bagger, but this may only be an illusion. The Beemer is packed with power and a ton of road- and touring-worthy technologies, and proved more than once that it is an amazing platform.

Shaving off some weight can only make things better, while Petit’s revised aesthetics do take the K1600GTL to a higher level. Nicolas lowered the entire seating platform, meaning that both the rider and the passenger are now closer to the ground. This translates into a more reassuring feel for shorter riders and a much more commanding stance for the entire bike.

Sober, elegant and definitely roadworthy, we hope that Petit’s K1600GTL Bagger will find enough support over at Wunderlich to make it into production as very cool modding kit. By: