Let’s be real for a minute, aight? This sort of modifications with the hip paint job and extra large wheels are usually given to cars belonging to the upper echelon of the market. But this Kandy Green Chevrolet Tahoe shows that even if you are on welfare you can still enjoy a little bit of that lifestyle.  Kandy Green Chevrolet Tahoe

That said, the only reason we can think of why would anyone go for this car is because they can’t afford an Escalade. Still, this Kandy Green Chevrolet Tahoe looks pretty interesting in its own right, especially as it features one of the most refreshing paint jobs we’ve ever seen on a car. If Flavor Flav was a government agent, this is what he would drive.

Kandy Green Chevrolet Tahoe Rear

Besides the frankly excellent paint work, the Kandy Green Chevrolet Tahoe also boasts a number of other modifications that contribute to the unique look it is now rocking with pride. The SUV has received a custom kit with revised bumpers, new bonnet, and flared fenders, it’s lifted on aftermarket suspension, it’s got a LED light bar, and most importantly it’s fitted with a set of 26×14 inch Forgiato Inderto wheels that make it go donk.

Kandy Green Chevrolet Tahoe Wheel

Come to think of it, the cost of these mods must have been at least twice what the original Tahoe was worth. By: motorward