Remember the very cool white and gray Kawasaki Ninja H2R we showed you back in December last year? Even though you don’t remember it, here’s a good reason to have it stuck in your mind. That bike just did 385 km/h (239.3 mph) and apparently it could have done better.

The white H2R is a custom creation from the Japanese Trick Star workshop and we had a hard time deciding which version looked better, the original carbon fiber one, or the white/silver beast.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R Does 285 KM/H
Kawasaki Ninja H2R Does 285 KM/H

While we loved the looks of the Ninja H2R, the racier white version with skimpy green accents felt more like a bike we’d ride. A more mundane apparition, if you want, and seemingly, a little more within grasp.

Now we have even more reasons to stick with the supercharged white machine, as it has just showed us what it’s made of, thanks to rider Ryuji Tsuruta. Trick Star’s goal was to reach the 400 km/h (248.6 mph) bar, but it looks like a longer straight is needed. The top speed the H2R reached may very well be the new record for motorcycles that are commercially available, but we’ll just have to delve deeper into this matter.

The winglets were tossed and Tsuruta says the Ninja H2R can definitely do better

The trademark winglets of the H2R were removed because at such a high speed, they were no longer helping the rider. These winglets are supposed to add stability and downforce to the bike, but in this case, they only created drag.

Ryuji Tsuruta says that the tires supplied by Dunlop performed incredibly, despite fears that the speed and extreme G-forces in certain sections of the track (the exit from the banked sector) might cause them to explode. He adds that the Ninja H2R can definitely do better on a circuit with a longer straight line that allows the bike to build up more speed. We have no detailed info on the modifications of the H2R, but reportedly, it now produces around 400 horsepower. Stay tuned. By: autoevolution