Have you ever watched Ken Block doing his ridiculous sideways thing in the Gymkhana series and thought you could one-up the rally driver? Well, now’s your chance.

As you may have noticed, Block has recently moved on to machines such as the 845 hp Hoonicorn Mustang or a 333-pony Mk II Escort, leaving his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (HHHV) Fiesta behind. Well, that Ford might have been bashed and trashed over every imaginable surface, but it certainly prefers such treatment to being given a garage queen title. So the little Ford has decided it needs a new owner.

Ken Block's 600 HP Gymkhana Ford Fiesta for Sale

Do you fit the profile? The answer is not that simple. For starters. you’ll have to be able to manhandle the two-liter turbo’s 600 hp and 664 lb-ft of twist.

The Ford  Fiesta was built using an M-Sport WRC machine as a starting point, so you’d better not be the cozy type. If, however, you’re planning a soft drive, you could turn to the Ford’s 34mm restrictor, which will leave you with just enough power to outgun the new Focus RS (350 hp).

If you’re the kind who steers clear of jumps, perhaps this isn’t the car for you. After all, it does come with ultra-long suspension travel thanks to Reiger hardware and upgraded wheel bearings. If you happen to become the second owner of this Fiesta, you’ll work with a Sadev rallycross gearbox, a custom rear diff and a Cosworth ECU.

Oh, and there’s one more box you’ll have to cover before becoming eligible for the purchase and it all has to do with the sideways machine’s GBP250,000 price ($357,000 or €321,000 at the current exchange rates). With the ultra-fast Ford currently resting in the US, you’ll also have to consider the shipping costs, if you happen to be reading this across the pond. By: autoevolution