What do you think of when someone says the words “Kia Sorento“? Do you confuse it with the Sedona minivan? Do you see flashes of Goldfish crackers and kids’ soccer games? It’s extremely unlikely, however, that anything like the image above pops into your head.


What you’re looking at, people, is the PacWest Adventure Sorento concept, a hard-core off-roader that, at some point, was a humble family crossover.

In fact, it’s still a Sorento, only one that’s been transmorgified into a Ford F-150 Raptor–like monstrosity for the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas. According to Kia, the Sorento concept has been given a “custom suspension, snorkel intake system, and a paint scheme inspired by the lush forests of the region.” Just the thing for when you have to ford a stream or climb a few boulders on the way to dance practice.

The automaker so far has released only a single teaser photo of the PacWest Sorento, and it definitely looks to be an alternate take on the Sorento we like just fine in more normal form. By: blog.caranddriver