Any machine wearing the Koenigsegg badge is enough to give the people inside it, as well as those sitting outside the car, goosebumps. However, some Angelholm models are obviously fiercer than others and, if you happen to be… in the market for the Swedes’ current range-topper, the One:1, your options are unusual.


You see, Koenigsegg only built seven examples of the One:1, so, even if you’re already a customer, you can’t have one. However, this doesn’t mean that the automaker won’t cater to your needs. Let’s take the owner of the 1,140 hp Agera R in the video below, for instance. The man wanted an upgrade, so the K people were more than glad to help.

As a result, his Agera R was gifted with the twin-turbo setup from the One:1. Now, before we go on to talk about the details of this monstrously cool tech upgrade for the 5.0-liter V8 of the speed behemoth, allow us to remind you the Agera R used to hold multiple acceleration and braking records before the One:1 came along to steal the glory. As for the turbo work, the One:1 is the only car, aside from the Porsche 911 Turbo that kickstarted this, to use a variable geometry turbo setup on a gasoline engine. This not only brings benefits at the top end, but also allows for a more balanced approach across the rev range.

With the new pair of turbos, the Agera R in question jumped to 1,400 horses. And the owner went for one more mod, namely a set of wheels supplied by US specialist ADV.1 Wheels. Having gifted his car with the goodies mentioned above, the man took the octane beast to the track. Make sure you check out the piece of footage below to see the One:1-ed Agera R stretching its legs on the TT Circuit Assen in The Netherlands. By: autoevolution