Koenigsegg will document the assembly process, from start to finish, of a US-homologated Agera RS, over the course of the next six months, after the owner of the hypercar gave his permission.


This is chassis No. 128, as Koenigsegg likes to call it, and it will be shipped to the United States. It’s an extremely important model for the Swedish brand because it will go through a complex and expensive process of homologation, which will make it the first street-legal RS in the US.

The Agera RS is hand-made, just like all Koenigseggs, and it will be limited to 25 units, out of which 10 were pre-sold before the exotic ride was unveiled earlier this year. The automaker says that four are already completed and another six are on the production line, as we speak, keeping the Angelholm facility booked for the next two years, along with the Regera.


The Koenigsegg Agera RS is an evolution of the Agera R, dropping its weight by 20 kg (44lbs) and improving its aerodynamics with new front splitter, winglets, side skirts, fully active rear wing, underbody flaps and hydraulic ride height adjustment.


The 5.0-liter V8 was upgraded from 1,030hp (1,044PS) to 1,160hp (1,177PS) and this is the same unit used by Koenigsegg in the world’s first megacar too, the One:1, but in a higher output, 1,341hp (1,360PS). By: Carscoops