Ever since the Silicon Valley TV show made its “doors of a billionaire” point earlier this year (second video below), the world has never looked at cars with conventional doors the same way. Well, Koenigsegg has now upped the ante, introducing a feature that invents the notion of… a billionaire’s body panels.

To be more precise, every moving panel on the Swedish carmaker’s yet unreleased Regera is hydraulically operated. That means the doors, hood and engine cover can be opened at the touch of a button.


As Koenigsegg explains in the video below, the company came up with the idea during the development process for the hydraulic rear wing, ride height control and noselift system on their future hybrid hypercar.

Since the Regera already had the hydraulic pumps, fluid reservoir and electronic control, all the engineers need to do was to add the hoses, as well as the actuators. The company explains the extra hardware they added only brought a 11 lbs (that’s 5 kg for all you reading this over on the Old Continent) weight penalty.

Those wondering about the safety issues that might arise, especially with the doors, can stop fretting. Koenigsegg explains it has installed proximity sensors that will stop the doors when somebody or something stands in their way.

Also, the hydraulic system has pressure sensors that bring things to a halt when a certain level is reached. The setup has been calibrated in such a way that it allows you to override the movement by hand.

And we have to agree with Koenigsegg on one more aspect – you won’t get your bodywork covered in fingerprints with such a system. Now we only have to find out the cost of the thingamajig.

With 1,489 hp, Koenigsegg’s machine will be the fiercest hybrid hypercar around, giving the future Bugatti Chiron a run for its money. By: autoevolution