KTM officially revealed the new X-Bow GT at the Geneva Motor Show, showing off its newly gained windscreen, doors and side windows. The idea is to make the X-Bow more car-like, and more user-friendly. They just accidentally ruined the looks of it, though.



What’s more, the new additions will add a few kilos to the weight of the car, and that matters in a track car. And that’s what the X-Bow is, a track car. Nobody’s going to use it on the road anyway, so it is hard to see the point of this new GT model.



The X-Bow GT is powered by a revised 2.0 liter turbo Audi engine developing 240 horsepower and up to 310Nm of torque. KTM can also tune it up to 300 horsepower upon request. The car is still a manual, and still has the most complicated starting procedure in the world. By: motorward