You never know what’s going to come out of the weird and wonderful world of Japanese tuning. No, really, you don’t know because many companies are reclusive. Kuhl Racing, for instance, is a small shop that does big things. After Mazda unveiled the 4th generation of their iconic roadster, it was only natural that they would target it.

Kuhl Racing 2016 Mazda MX-5 Kit Looks Weird Yet Unique

For now, we only have a few bits of information about the kit, since it’s in the early stages of development. But the Kuhl vision is as warped as Mazda’s own design language. The outcome can only be described as confusing.

The new front bumper is the biggest standout feature. It slams the Miata’s nose down to the ground. Extra air deflectors seem to serve no actual purpose other than to make Mazda’s little toy look angry with the world. We don’t think the sharp angles work with the natural fluidity of the car either, but we’re not tuning experts.


Things get even crazier around the back, where the twin exhaust system has been moved to the middle. The standard bumper is replaced by an ostentatious diffuser with sharp lines and what look like carbon fiber fins.

Kuhl is also working on a Swanneck GT Wing, which they plan to bolt onto the steering wheel. From the look of things, lowered stance, oversized wheels and a pinch of negative camber are also part of the mix.


The ND MX-5 is best described as a smash hit in Japan. The company can’t keep up with demand and has found the time to reward the loyalty of its customers with special features and track events. However, while America only gets a 2-liter Skyactiv engine, the JDM model also brings a 1.5-liter base model with 131 PS. It’s not going to win drag races, but the smaller engine is enough to have a little fun in the sun. By: autoevolution