A couple of days ago, we saw an awesome blue Nissan GT-R on Strasse Wheels, now another awesome car wearing blue and sitting on Strasse Wheels emerges. 2-laguna-blue-z06-front-close-up

The latest project of Strasse Forged Wheels involves a beautiful Laguna Blue Corvette Z06. This Corvette is using the Z07 performance package option that upgrades the already insane American supercar with parts like the Brembo Carbon Ceramic brake discs and Carbon Fiber splitter ground effects.



Matching with laguna blue body, Strasse has fitted the Corvette with a unique set of Signature Series R10 measuring 19×10.5 front and 20×12.5 rear with Laguna Blue Lips and Hardware in the same color,


while the center is gloss black to contrast with all blue details on the wheel and to match with those black parts around the body. By: sssupersports