Lamborghini Aventador Estatura GXX by GSC. Lamborghini Aventador Estatura GXX by GSC is based on Lamborghini Aventador which get it`s named Estatura GXX after update includes visual upgrades from GSC Auto Modification, leaving the inner pinnings of the supercar untouched.

Lamborghini Aventador Estatura GXX by GSC
Lamborghini Aventador Estatura GXX by GSC

The GSC Lamborghini Aventador Estatura GXX’s body kit is made from carbon-titanium, which means it’s both lightweight and tough.


The aerodynamic is also coming from it`s Lamborghini Aventador Modification by DMC when it`s looks at the kit includes a new front bumper with huge air intakes, modified side skirts and wheel arches, a new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser and a rear wing.



The GSC Aventador Estatura looks from the interior seats is a set of sick rims, finished in black with an orange strip, to mach the rest of the car. For the interior of the Lamborghini Aventador, GSC is offering various carbon trim parts, including a new steering wheel, and center console cover. By: sillydad