One will probably think that having the opportunity to perform some aftermarket play on a Lamborghini Aventador, a Matte White Lamborghini Aventador, would please the creators enough, but Rennen Forged begs to differ.

The wheel specialist joined forces with Donz Forged Wheels to give the Aventador in the adjacent images its second set of custom rims. The Raging Bull was gifted with a set of Scarface wheels that come in a 20×9-inch for the front axle and 21×13-inch for the rear one.
lamborghini-aventador-in-matte-white-gets-donz-scarface-wheels_6 lamborghini-aventador-in-matte-white-gets-donz-scarface-wheels_2
The wheels use a matte black finish with high-gloss elements, which not only means that they offer an interesting view, but also creates a strong contrast with the color of the V12 supercar.


The angular and aggressive design of the wheels also matches the Lambo’s factory styling cues and we’re inviting you to check out the development in the images below. By: autoevolution