If you’re planning a stag/hen do in Southend-on-Sea and are at the crucial stage of booking the pink Hummer limo, hold your horses. There’s a new car potentially on the horizon and it could make your trip to Vodka Revs one to remember.

It’s the world’s first Lamborghini Aventador stretch limo and unfortunately at this stage it’s only a computer rendering… for now.

Cars For Stars, the company behind it, say it could, “easily materialise into a reality with the support and investment of a willing and passionate sponsor.” So in a very Dragons Den way, let us sell it to you.

Lamborghini Aventador limo

You’ll be pleased to hear it still has Lambo’s 6.5-litre, 700hp V12 engine, but there’s much, much more than the original car. Things like four scissor doors. Two scissor doors are normally enough to see slack-jaws bounce off the pavement, so twice the number will probably see unsuspecting pedestrians implode.

Also, thanks to the new extended wheelbase, there’s enough room to take your mates. They can lounge in the back on an L-shaped, five-seater couch version of the Aventador’s normal seats. They’re also heated and covered in easy wipe-down leather – so spillages (make of that what you will) can easily be cleared up. There are also plasma screens, iPod docks, a surround sound system to play ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ really loud and a champagne bar to keep everyone talking.

Cars For Stars are even willing to re-name the car after you and plaster your Twitter name down the side for 12 months at no extra cost. They’ve already made a CGI video of it (below), which means it’s only one easy step away from being a reality. And as the boys proved, how hard can it be? After all, Jeremy managed to do a decent job with that Fiat Panda. By: TopGear