Shoreline Motoring, an aftermarket specialist located in Huntington Beach, California, revealed recently this amazing looking Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. Shoreline Motoring’s Aventador Roadster does not seem to heavily modified, but even so, it’s mouthwatering. The only modifications we could spot include the exterior finish and the wheels.



This comes to show that you don’t really need a flamboyant wide body kit, lasers, machine guns and turbos the size of moons to get an incredible and unique machine.



Shoreline Motoring’s Lamborghini Aventador features a matte black exterior paintjob, darkened vents and intakes, and a blacked out exhaust pipe. This special Aventador sits on a set of V-shaped 5-spoke concave wheels, which are also finished in black. Its brake calipers are painted in red.

Unfortunately, Shoreline Motoring did not say if they modified the Aventador’s engine or not. The price of these discreet modifications has not been disclosed.
Source: Shoreline Motoring