In the world of supercar tuning, few, if any cars, have captured the attention of tuning and aftermarket wheel manufacturers quite like the Lamborghini Aventador. Lamborghini Aventador With Red Vellano Wheels Is A Head-Scratcher

 With its jet fighter-inspired design and typical Lamborghini panache, style and aggression, it’s little surprise why some seriously eye-catching Aventador roam streets around the world.

At the most extreme end of the Aventador tuning scales are projects like those from Mansory and Novitec Torado which not only lift power from the vehicle’s V12 to well over 1000 hp but also add a plethora of new styling and aerodynamic elements. While not quite to the level of those two, the following Aventador recently worked on by Vellano Wheels is still quite, ummm….interesting.

Lamborghini Aventador With Red Vellano Wheels Is A Head-Scratcher3

Most notably, the Italian mid-engined supercar has been outfitted with a set of Vellano’s VSY wheels that measure 20-inch at the front and 21-inch at the rear making for a bold staggered setup. The wheels utilise a bold twin five-spoke setup with the spokes twisting around giving the impression that they’re spinning even while the car is stationary.

Lamborghini Aventador With Red Vellano Wheels Is A Head-Scratcher2

Painted black or matte bronze, we can imagine these wheels looking amazing on this Aventador. This set however are painted in a polished shade of red which while adding some colour to the otherwise black and white exterior, would perhaps be better suited to a widebody Japanese sports car. By: Carscoops