The Lamborghini Cala concept was first displayed at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show.

The Cala was intended to fit below the Lamborghini Diablo in the company’s line up. Styled by Ital Design the Cala was popular with the public and very nearly saw production.

Lamborghini Cala 1995
Lamborghini Cala 1995

However when Audi took control of Lamborghini the Cala project was dropped in favour of finding a replacement for the Diablo, which was to be the Murcielago, and when the time came for an ‘entry level’ Lamborghini, the Cala was looking a little dated. The Gallardo was introduced instead.

Lamborghini Cala 1995-sideview

Lamborghini Cala 1995-rear

The Lamborghini Cala was a fully functioning prototype powered by a mid-mounted V10 set in a carbon fibre body set over an aluminium chassis. By: diseno-art