Lamborghini Gallardo Reiter LP560 GT3 is based on Lamborghini LP560-4 production. Lamborghini Gallardo Reiter LP560 GT3 is equipped with a completely new engine and the 5.2-liter more powerful V10 engine producing 570 PS [419.2 kW] at 8,000 rpm. Lamborgini-Gallardo-LP560-Reiter-GT3-2009-Frontview

It also develops significantly more torque than its predecessor which is 540 Nm at 6500 rpm. An EFI Euro 12 ECU to the engine management. This allows the Lamborghini Gallardo Reiter LP560 GT3 car price for 265 000 Euro net, to be converted to full-spec racing car GT2 cost-efficient in the ‘After Sales Solution’ for about 30,000 Euro net. In this way customers receive Reiter LP560 GT3 race car which can start around the world in the GT3 class and also in the GT2 category include LM GT2 class.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Reiter GT3 2009


The state-of-the-art mid-engine concept gives the car excellent handling and forms the basis for a perfect front to rear weight distribution of 43-57%.Equipped with 270/650-18 [front] and 310/710-18 [rear] Reiter Engineering utilize the maximum dimensions of the tires on the rear axle which in turn improves the grip compared to the forerunner GT3 and, more specifically, allows significantly more constant lap times.


Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Reiter GT3 suspension concept is based on big brother Murcielago R-GT that Reiter. CNC machined uprights, wishbones made ??race, a 24-hour race braking system and multi-adjustable race suspension specially developed for this and underscore the GT3 car is the basis for improved suspension geometry By: Sillydad