Guilty by association?

It would seem as if ever since the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal broke in late September that anything even remotely affiliated with any of the VW brands is now coming under heavy scrutiny. But Lamborghini?! Since when did a Lambo ever have a diesel?

Lamborghini Headquarters Raided

The answer is obviously never, so you’d think the Italian supercar maker would certainly be in the clear. Apparently that’s not the case as a recent report is now indicating, but the suspicion has nothing to do with the cars themselves.

Lamborghini Headquarters Raided2

Italian authorities have raided Lamborghini’s headquarters last week in order to determine possible links between its executives and the VW emissions scandal. According to the chief prosecutor in the Italian city of Verona, Mario Giulio Schinaia, authorities also searched Volkswagen’s Italian headquarters.

Although Volkswagen has not issued a statement on last week’s raids, Lamborghini has stated that it is “cooperating closely with the authorities.” By: Carbuzz