It’s only been a month since we said hello to the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder at the Frankfurt Motor Show. But Italian scale model company MR Collection gave us a deja vu with its latest work.

Revealed online only moments ago, this replica of the real V10 machine should be available in shops in just a few weeks. However, we caught a sneak peek and were impressed with how well they copied the real thing.


It takes passionate people to look at something like a car and shrink it down to one-eighteenth of its original size. People with expertise in epoxy resins, CAD specialists and detailers work together to create mini supercars that you can admire on your desk or display case. Multiple layers of paint are required, and they all need to match the original finish of the car.



In this case, they used Blu LeMans, the same color we saw on the real Huracan Spyder during the Volkswagen Night preview event. It’s a bright shade that accentuates the futuristic shapes of the new Lamborghini.

Not only do the tan leather seats of the 1:18 model look good, but they are accompanied by an accurate dashboard and carbon-clad steering wheel.


The list of fine details on this replica is kind of long. For example, the fit of the windshield is impressive, and the spokes of the alloy wheels are very thin. Even the ventilated brake discs are accurate.

While the model is about 1,000 times cheaper than the real thing, we’d still prefer a 1:1 Huracan Spyder. It has a few advantages, such as seats that you can fit in and a V10 engine that sounds good and produces over 600 horsepower.

When comparing the coupe version and the new Huracan Spyder, the drawback to having unlimited headroom is that the weight has increased by 264 pounds or 120 kilograms. Of course, the AWD and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission are the same on both cars. By: autoevolution