Lamborghini has stormed the United States using the Huracan Spyder over the last week or so, with the supercar assaulting the streets of Miami. The Raging Bull has now released a video, as well as a photo gallery, that caters to our eye candy needs, so here we are, sharing the media with you.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Hits Miami

Sant’Agata Bolognese machines have never been easy to describe using numbers alone. So what recommends the Huracan Spyder over its all-impressive Aventador Roadster big brother, for instance?

Sure, there’s a hefty financial distance between the two, but even if you have a V12-friendly bank account, you should still consider the V10 open-air model for a number of reasons. To understand why, you should take the usability difference that separates the fixed-roof Aventador and the Huracan and multiply it by two.

Why the calculus? It all has to do with the roof. The Huracan Spyder may not have followed Ferrari and McLaren down the folding metallic top route, but its soft top can be worked at the touch of a button. And unlike in the case of the Gallardo Spyder, the newcomer’s top provides pleasing thermal and aural insulation, even when the weather wants to interfere with your fun behind the wheel.

The Aventador, however, pays tribute to its overly spectacular nature. You’ll have to manually detach or install its carbon roof, while storing it in the nose of the supercar means you’ll have to use your credit card as a replacement for your luggage.

Then there’s the basic difference between the two – the Huracan is considerably easier to handle. In fact, this is the first model in the history of the Italian company that, with a bit of effort, can be used as a daily driver. We never expected to say this regarding Lamborghini matters, but sometimes less actually is more. By: autoevolution