When JDM tuners get their hands on European go-fast machines, you know you’re going to be in for quite some visual treats, which are obviously not for everybody’s taste.

Lamborghini Huracan Touched by Extreme Japanese Tuning in Liberty Walk Rendering

The latest example of this kind comes in the form of a rendering, which sees the Lamborghini Huracan receiving a rather simple, yet profound transformation.

The virtual tuning job above comes from Khyzyl Saleem, a young British digital artist whose works easily take one into automotive Wonderland. On this occasion, the pixel shaper started off with the Raging Bull’s V10 machine and applied a Liberty Walk treatment.

In case you’re not familiar with Liberty Walk, this is a Japanese tuner whose kits are famous for the riveted-on fat fenders. On many occasions, these guys cut into the bodywork of supercars to install their kits, which has led to controversy on top of the one generated by the extreme overall aspect of the tuning package. By: autoevolution