Lamborghini Tuning Doesn’t Get Any Crazier Than In Japan

The Japanese seem to be very fond of all exotic cars that aren’t necessarily car-like in their design…
That’s why Lamborghinis are so popular, because they really look like nothing else on the road, but that doesn’t stop Japanese owners from going sparkling mad with them.
lamborghini on japan

Marchettino checked out several underground parking lots and compiled the crazy Lambo images he obtained into the video you see below.

It’s really a rather unique insight into high-class Japanese tuning, very different from what you seen in Russia,the Middle East, Europe or China. Maybe China’s modding style is most similar, but the Japanese tuning efforts just seem to have that extra bit of substance and thought behind them.

And the Japanese really do seem to like their sparkly crystal finishes, glow-in-the-dark highlights or applied metallic spikes over chrome gold leopard print (yes, that’s one of the cars in the video)…

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