You could argue that Lamborghini’s move to keep the Huracan naturally aspirated among its twin-turbo rivals was a ballsy move.

We live in the era where Ferraris have gone turbo and McLarens try too hard to sing a proper supercar song.

Turbochargers are a very effective solution to the emissions’ problem as well as making your car go way faster, but they ruin the wonderful soundtrack of engines, especially those meant for exotic bodies, like the 488 GTB or the McLaren 650S.
Lamborghini has kept the naturally aspirated 610hp V10 for the Huracan though, making it somehow a unique proposition in its class. Mated with a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox, this masterpiece of an engine keeps singing in a way its competitors will never be able and for some this might be their only excuse.

XCAR reviews Lamborghini’s angry baby and tries to find out exactly how much drama is there to justify the Raging Bull badge. By: carscoops