Following a number of teasers and previews, Russian tuner Larte finally unveiled their take on the Tesla Model S at the 2015 Top Marques Monaco. Larte Design Tesla Model S, affectionally named Elizabeta, was approved by the Prince of Monaco who is a big fan of electric cars and is used to the sight of wealthy Russians in his small but magnificent dominion.  Larte Design Tesla Model S Elizabeta Revealed

Described by its makers as the perfect combination of “ultimate performance and environment-friendly technology,” Larte Design Tesla Model S comes with a handsome body kit designed in true Larte style with aggressive bumpers and grilles and skirts.


The new body components are all made from a lightweight material called basalt fiber – produced from natural lava rock – which reduces the weight of the Elizabeta compared to a normal Model S.


Technical details of Larte Design Tesla Model S are yet to be revealed, but according to the tuner the car boasts an innovative new driving sound, a redesigned interior and big forged wheels. So chances are the performance has not been enhanced in anyway. After all, boosting the output of an electric motor is a whole different ball game compared to an internal combustion engine. By: motorward