Remember those sexy carbon fiber panels we showed you a while ago? Well, this is what they look like applied to the car they were designed for. We’re of course talking about the TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger and its unique build and construction.  Latest TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger Is a C4S

This is the latest TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger to come out of the Russian tuner’s workshops. It is based on a Carrera 4S model, meaning you don’t necessarily have to have the range-topping Turbo S version of the car to get this treatment. If anything, we think the Stinger kit looks better on the C4S since it has no giant rear wing.

Latest TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger Is a C4S-sideview

The ingredients of TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger must be familiar to you by now. It includes completely bespoke carbon fiber bumpers, wings, fenders, sills, and quarter panels, as well as custom hood and trunk lid. Flared wheel arches and aero parts are also included. If the carbon kit is too expensive for you (15.2K EUR), you can opt for one without the exotic material (11.4K EUR).

Latest TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger Is a C4S-rear

Other goodies available for the 991 through TopCar include engine control unit, new filters, manifolds and exhaust system, and ultra light forged wheels ADV.1 wheels. By: motorward