BMW i8, as you may know, comes only in a number of fairly dull colors. If you want something more vibrant you are going to have to go through the Individual program… or take a trip to Abu Dhabi. These guys are showing off another one of their custom Bimmers, this time a Lava Red BMW i8.     Lava-Red-BMW-i8-from-Abu-Dhabi

This is apparently the only Lava Red BMW i8 in the whole world, and even if you can find another one in this color, it wouldn’t have the AC Schnitzer treatment this bad boy is rocking with a full aero kit and wheels. I don’t think we should actually mention that this car is currently the hottest i8 in the world. That much is clear.



What sets the Lava Red BMW i8 apart, besides the unique paint work obviously, is an AC Schnitzer aero kit consisting of extended front splitter with side flaps, custom side skirts, revised rear aprons, and a tall and proud rear wing. The kit is made from naked carbon fiber which complements the red paint job nicely, especially as all the stock ‘i blue’ parts are finished in body color.

A set of iconic AC Schnitzer rims finishes the job on this one-of-a-king i8. Too bad there isn’t a proper power kit for this car yet. That means no matter how cool it looks, it still has to do with only 360 horsepower.




By: motorward