In one of their most impressive wraps the guys at Impressive Wrap have made a custom Chevy Corvette look absolutely unique. The Lavender Turquoise Corvette Stingray is almost certainly the only in the world in this color.

Lavender Turquoise Corvette Stingray
Lavender Turquoise Corvette Stingray

Impressive Wrap has established itself as an authority in one-of-a-kind wraps thanks to the wide range of their capabilities. Basically, if you can dream it, they can make it. They are capable of printing out vinyl wraps in pretty much any color imaginable, and often they mix colors tastefully to come up with fantastic works like this.

Lavender Turquoise Corvette Stingray-exterior

The Lavender Turquoise Corvette Stingray is a magnificent job on many different level. The base is a custom Z06 with a massive aero kit on it which makes the car look more aggressive and racy. Then there is the red leather interior, and on top of it all the awesome wrap which covers even the door jams.

Lavender Turquoise Corvette Stingray-rear

Lavender Turquoise Corvette Stingray-Frontview

We are not that big on showy colors, especially when it’s a wrap. But we have to admit this lavender thing is looking pretty darn good to us. The cool thing about it is that in normal light it looks pretty much blue. By: motorward