The team at SR Auto Group isn’t letting December stop it from having fun. Thanks to El Niño, the car season has been extended a bit longer in Vancouver, and they took advantage with a new Lexus LFA fitment. The white super car was given a new set of PUR R22 forged wheels – the first to ever be fitted – and given the green light to drive in December.

Lexus LFA with PUR RS22 Forged Wheels

The Lexus LFA is everything that you want a super car to be and then some. Every piece of the car was disected and engineered to perform. The way that it engages the driver and spits out a glorious tuned exhaust note wrapped in a carbon fiber shell is simply amazing. Only a set of lightweight high-performance wheels can fit the LFA’s identity and the PUR RS22s were a perfect match.

Keeping weight to a minimum with high-tech construction and materials is one thing that the LFA and the wheels share. PUR Wheels uses aerospace-grade 6061-T aluminum alloy with an advanced forging process to create the monoblock RS22 wheel. Lightweight side pocketing helps to reduce weight even further, lending to even better overall performance.

Lexus LFA with PUR RS22 Forged Wheels-sideview

The unique five double-spoke design of the PUR RS22 wheels creates an even more athletic stance for the LFA. The directional twisting design of the spokes gives the impression of speed and power for a car that already has both in spades.

Up front, SR Auto Group installed the PUR RS22 forged wheels in a 9.5 x 20 setup while the rear comes in with a wider 11.0 x 20 stance. To add a touch of contrast to the white body, each wheel was given a Gloss Lumiere Grey face with Gloss Black windows.

Lexus LFA with PUR RS22 Forged Wheels-rear

It may be December up north, but that isn’t going to stop SR Auto Group and this Lexus LFA from having a whole lotta’ fun!

Fitment Specifications

  • Vehicle: Lexus LFA
  • Wheels: PUR RS22 forged monoblock
  • Wheel Finish: Gloss Lumiere Grey face, Gloss Black window
  • Front Wheels: 9.5 x 20
  • Rear Wheels: 11.0 x 20

By: motoringexposure