After attracting plenty of attention during last year’s SEMA with this flamboyant RC F, Lexus thought the 2016 Chicago Auto show could use a little taste as well. Lexus RC F Widebody Beast Ends Up In Chicago Frontview

There’s no way you can miss this car. Maybe if you were lifting off in a rocket while the car was racing by hundreds of feet beneath you, like in that BMW spot where the astronaut somehow figured out the car in the distance was a Bimmer, but other wise no.

The custom Widebody GT Pandem aero kit gives way to the Evasive Motorsports 6-point roll cage, the Matte Blue Gunmetal 20″ wheels, the slot vents, the front splitter, but most of all, it makes an already overly-aggressive car look even more aggressive, while adding some motorsport flair.

You could argue that this is a perfect show car, because you can walk away from it with a sense of wonder and curiosity about what it would be like to drive something this loony and have your friends stare at that massive rear wing as you launch away from them as if to say you need that type of downforce on a daily basis.

Lexus RC F Widebody Beast Ends Up In Chicago Rearview

Then again, if you want to go racing, this is the type of customization you’d want to have on your RC F, so you can always imagine yourself setting fast lap after fast lap. So even though this thing is a ‘show car’, we reckon it could do great as a proper ‘track car’ as well. By: Carscoops