The LB-Works portfolio is so rich and diverse these days that a creation as cool and wonderful as this Liberty Walk Ferrari 360 Modena could easily go unnoticed. We think this blue beauty deserves a closer look, especially since it is one of the more beautiful LB kits we’ve seen in a while.

Not that the rest of LB-Works cars are ugly or anything, but you have to say those wide fenders and the aero kit – features shared by all of their cars – looks a lot better on Liberty Walk Ferrari 360 Modena than, say, Maserati GranTurismo.


Shown here finished in a rich shade of sky blue and slammed hard to the ground, Liberty Walk Ferrari 360 Modena wide body features a full set kit with the signature bolt-on fenders, custom sills and skirts, front bumper customized with a large splitter and side winglets, custom grille inserts, rear diffuser and duck tail spoiler.

As always, the Liberty Walk treatment also includes an air suspension system and a set of ultra-wide wheels and tires. What’s particularly interesting about this Ferrari is the extreme negative camber those wheels are rocking. They make for a gangsta look!

By: motorward