The BMW M3 was all about sport during its reign of asphalt terror thanks to its high-revving V-8 and advanced driving dynamics. The Bavarian sports car can be seen all over the globe and the team at Sunus Motorsports gave it some visual muscle with the help of PUR Wheels and Liberty Walk.

Liberty Walk BMW M3 with PUR LG08 Wheels

 The newest beneficiary of a set of PUR Wheels and a Liberty Walk body kit hails from Down Under. The German beast might be on the opposite side of the globe but it’s right at home in its new skin and shoes thanks to Sunus Motorsports.

The E92 BMW M3 was outfitted with a set of PUR LG08 forged three-piece wheels from the brand’s Legacy Series that features classic designs with a modern touch. The nine-spoke, three-piece step-lip forged wheels wear a dark matte black face with contrasting gloss black texture on the step-lips with exposed Chrome hardware to grab attention.

Liberty Walk BMW M3 with PUR LG08 Wheels-3

Up front, the new PUR LG08 forged wheels measure 10.5 x 19 while the rear staggers in with a wide 12.0 x 19 setup in order to fill in those massive Liberty Walk fenders. Of course, the new stance comes with a lowered suspension to eliminate any sort of fender gap for a low, clean look.

Liberty Walk BMW M3 with PUR LG08 Wheels-2

The other part of the transformation that turns heads with ease is the new Liberty Walk widebody kit. Sunus Motorsports installed new front and rear extended fenders with exposed bolts, a large front spoiler lip, rear trunk spoiler, and everything in between to give the BMW M3 even more presence than it already had. This BWM M3 with Liberty Walk widebody and PUR LG08 forged wheels by Sunus Motorsports is a beast from Down Under. By: motoringexposure