Yes, we know. The sheer idea of a Bugatti Veyron fitted with a Liberty Walk Kit is absurd. And while we hope never to see such a creation coming to life, it might just happen.

Sure, for now the idea has only been materialized as the rendering you see above. This comes from rc82workchop and while we’d hate to see somebody messing with Bugatti’s now retired hypercar in such a way, we always enjoy manipulated images that explore the possibilities of the car world.

Liberty Walk Bugatti Veyron
Liberty Walk Bugatti Veyron

For one thing, installing the extra-beefy fenders that have brought Liberty Walk kits their popularity require cutting into the fenders of the car. Once again, not something you want when you own a Veyron.

However, not that this Bugatti is being replaced by the Chiron, the tuning market has found the resources to tackle such projects. So far, the only Veyron that’s been customized beyond the now-familiar wrap approach, comes in the form of a proposal delivered by Oakley Design.

The tuner aims to shed some weight by installing carbon panels, while taking the W16 quad-turbo heart of the Veyron to 1,600 hp. However, the company has only shown us a set of photos of a stripped Veyron and a rendering, so we can’t be sure about them delivering on the promise.

However, once tuners start playing with the 8-liter Bugatti, there’s no telling what they can do do it.

As for Liberty Walk kits, these have already been installed on seriously expensive pieces of machinery, from the Ferrari 458 to the Lamborghini Aventador. Aerodynamics? Such notions pale in comparison with the owners’ desire to be special.

So we’re warning you – one day we might have to deal with a Liberty Walk Veyron. Nevertheless, since the stratospheric exclusivity level of the machine keeps it from going down the depreciation route, we might be safe. By: autoevolution