Japanese specialist Liberty Walk is the kind of company that looks at any supercar, or car for that matter and thinks “hmm… this needs an edgier styling”. You only need to take a look at the Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk bodykit and you’ll understand. But what if a car already comes with such styling, as is the case with the Nissan GT-R? No problem, edges go well with edges.


Truth be told, the GT-R is starting to get old, so such a visual enhancement fits Godzilla rather well. The transformation in terms of appearance is quite important. After all, this is no basic kit.

It all starts with the front apron, which has received a diffuser that seems borrowed straight from the world of motorsport. On the sides of the car, we find the signature massive wheel arches. At the rear, there’s a severely angled wing, this time reminding us of NASCAR. In addition, the rear apron comes with a diffuser that’s just as serious as the splitter up front.


To top it all up, the GT-R was dressed in what the car world likes to call “Baby Blue”. The stock wheels were removed, making room for a set of Forgiato rims. Dressed in a Black hue to match other elements on the car, these conceal brake calipers finished in an electric shade of Green.


The Nissan GT-R’s exhaust sound was never one of its strong points, so Liberty Walk decided to turn to another Japanese tuner for this. As a result, their car is now wearing an Armytrix F1 Valvetronic exhaust. This not only brings out the feelings of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, but also allows the driver to choose between multiple levels of audio assault. By: autoevolution