Although it is not the prettiest kit they have ever designed, LB-Work’s wide body styling package for Dodge Challenger has proven to be very popular. Now SR Auto Group has used this kit to create Canada’s first-ever Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat.  Liberty-Walk-Dodge-Challenger-Hellcat-4

 Come to think of it, this car might well be the only wide body Challenger of any kind in Canada. The tuning scene in that country orbits mostly around high-end luxury cars. At any rate, this Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat is here and it looks awesome.



The recipe for creating an LB-Works wide body car is fairly simple. You install the fiberglass kit which consists of LB’s signature wide fenders with exposed bolting apparatus, side skirts, and revised front and rear bumper (rear wing is optional), bolt on some massively wide wheels, and hook up an air suspension system in order to slam the car right to the ground.


The installation part is the hardest and requires professional expertise because the parts never fit perfectly out of the box. A lot of modification, and in some case fabrication, goes into achieving the perfectly smooth look you see here. The wheels SR has chosen for this Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Hellcat are 20-inch PUR LG01 in gold, measuring 12-inch wide at the back. By: motorward