If we were to rank cars on the road today regardless of their price, functionality or purpose, we’d have to give the title of the hottest to the Liberty Walk Huracan Spyder by RDBLA. This bad boy came out a while back and caused such a disturbance in the force, it’s still a little shaky. But as is always the case with human endeavors, nothing’s ever quite enough.

Liberty Walk Huracan Spyder Gets New Wheels Forgiato

And that is why the one-of-a-kind Liberty Walk Huracan Spyder has now received a new set of wheels to make it even more eye-popping and neck-turning. As before, these wheels come from Forgiato. But whereas the first set was a dignified and sober design in black, the new concave 21-inch Forgiato Classico-ECL in copper finish are look-at-me beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. Not that that’s a bad thing. The whole purpose of this package, after all, is to make the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder more conspicuous.

Liberty Walk Huracan Spyder Gets New Wheels Forgiato Sideview

The wide body kit on this Huracan costs as much as a new Honda and that’s before you pay someone to install it, fit the air suspension system, bolt on the rims, and then paint the whole thing. The kit consists of a set of aero kit including front spoiler lip, side skirts, and rear diffuser in addition to a duck tail rear spoiler, plus the front and rear fender extensions which are bolted on to the body with visible bolt apparatus. That is Liberty Walk’s signature touch and what sets their work apart from the rivals.

Liberty Walk Huracan Spyder Gets New Wheels Forgiato Rear  By: motorward