Everybody in Japan is getting hyped up for the upcoming D1 Tokyo Drift event, and that includes Kato Wataru’s famous Liberty Walk body shop.

A couple of days ago, we discovered that drift champion Daigo Saito would be using the world’s first Lamborghini sideways machine. It’s a custom-built Murcielago sporting a massive rear wing, extreme steering angle, and the Monster Energy corporate livery. liberty-walk-lamborghini-aventador-with-monster-livery-looks-like-a-drift-car_2

 Who doesn’t want to see a Ford Mustang and a V12-powered supercar locked in a sideways battle to the death?

We’ve also learned that the racing machine has a twin brother. Liberty Walk helped with the development of the Murcielago and they also put together an Aventador to promote their product lineup. With the exception of the steering angle, the Italian custom cars look almost the same.


The paintjob looks like it’s got a matte black finish from a distance. However, it’s actually a carbon fiber finish. We presume that it’s a wrap, though it would be awesome to discover every body panel is made from this exotic material.

The complete Liberty Walk body kit has also been installed, including fender flares, side skirts and inserts for both bumpers. There could also be a few goodies from other manufacturers, though the overall look is more important than the details.

Daigo plans to showcase his D1-spec Murcielago tomorrow. We don’t know if it’s 100% finished, but the construction plan calls for two turbochargers to be installed on top of the 650 horsepower V12. The factory six-speed manual will also be replaced by a sequential one.


It’s already got a RWD conversion because otherwise D1 racing would have been impossible. However, we suspect that the Aventador didn’t receive such an aggressive transformation. Why? Because the seats are covered in protective foil, and nobody making a drift machine would be concerned with the integrity of the leather.

Editor’s note: A drifting Lamborghini? This is almost like Nathan Algren coming to Japan and learning the art of the samurai, only with Tom Cruise as an Italian. By: autoevolution