Straight Outta Japan comes yet another awesome Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R, this time a fully blacked-out example nicknamed Darth Vader. And when we say blacked-out, we do mean it. Except for the lights, the rest of the car is as dark as a black hole.

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R “Darth Vader”


The Darth Vader GT-R features a toned-down version of the LB-Performance styling kit with no custom sills and a ducktail rear spoiler. There is still the adjustable front splitter and rear diffuser inside custom bumpers. And of course, the signature bolt-on wide fenders are there as well, although the black paint job sort of obscures the visible bolding apparatus.


Other highlights of Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Darth Vader include a set of extra wide wheels and tires and the obligatory Airrex air suspension system without which the whole thing would look rather weird. This one also features a full Armytrix exhaust system complete with valve control system and remote control via smartphone app, hence all those phones in the pictures.


This beast is one of the coolest looking Liberty Walk GT-Rs we’ve seen, and we have seen a fair few of them. It makes the real Godzilla look like a chicken! By: motorward