For whatever reason, the internet loves videos of supercars spitting flames and recently, a YouTube channel decided to play into this adoration by attempting to light a cigarette with the flames from a Nissan GT-R.

Lighting A Cigarette On A Nissan GT-R Exhaust Flame

The GT-R in question is far from stock and has been adorned with a rose gold chrome wrap and a large rear wing. It has also been installed with an aftermarket exhaust system from Armytrix and when taken to its limits on a dyno, spits flames that would make McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Aventador owners envious.

However, is all of this enough to light up a cigarette? Well, no.

Despite being placed right behind the exhaust, the cigarette fails to ignite leaving the man standing behind not only looking like a fool but also walking away with hurt eardrums, burning eyes from the fumes and inevitably, a toasty hot hand. By: Carscoops